Say hello to BYOD.

Say good-bye to security and privacy risks.

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Business is business. Personal is personal. MultiLine keeps it that way.

All business contacts and communications are entirely separate and secure, even on an employee’s personal phone. It’s like having two independent devices with no data exchanged between them.

When an employee brings their mobile device into the workplace, the employee’s number is associated with the business. So, if the employee ever leaves the company, the client no longer has a direct relationship wit the business if they are using that particular number. With MultiLine if the employer leaves the company, the number stays with the company for customer continuity.”

Brent Ladarola VO Mobile & Wireless, Frost & Sullivan

Capital Markets & Trading

Increase call volume without disrupting your workflow.
  • Frequent voice communication helps traders convey nuance, build trust
  • Analyze conversations for compliance
  • Logged in CRM

Use it to offer:

  • Trade confirmations
  • Research
  • Quick answers

Investment Banking

Frequent, informal client communications that are automatically logged.
  • More candid interaction with the client, less administrative work
  • Analyze conversations for insights
  • Logged in CRM

Use it to offer:

  • Channel for clients to vent
  • Reassurance
  • Logistics: "Is Jordan joining us?"
  • Research

Consumer Banking

Add a personal touch and offer a third channel for better relationships, faster cycles, and less admin.
  • Automatically block PI and sensitive language
  • Capture consent
  • Logged in CRM

Use it to offer:

  • Personal touch
  • Links and ideas
  • Confirm appointments
  • Non-sensitive advice
  • Logistics: "I'm running late.”

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