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Improving the Patient Communication Experience

MultiLine provides HIPAA-compliant texting and calling through a separate mobile phone number, allowing secure communication between caregivers and patients. Nurses and caregivers can efficiently communicate with patients through the MultiLine app while patients call and text from their own number as normal. All exchanges are encrypted, captured, and documented so you can focus on delivering exceptional patient care, while meeting your compliance requirements.

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Supporting caregivers in the field


Securely document mobile communications in a way that is efficient, auditable and full compliant.


Manage mobile communications with full control, greater visibility and the flexibility to address staff transitions

Cost Savings

Mobilize more staff for less and retire costly company-issued phones by shifting to BYOD.

Product Capabilities

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Secure Business Number

Business- managed number in a secure app that works on any carrier, any iOS or Android device – company-issued or personal; no patient app required.

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Advanced Call Controls and Integrations

Configurable “business hours,” call forwarding, simultaneous ringing, and call settings. Can be deployed with existing EMM provider for added security and control.

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Voice and Text Capture

Built-in voice and text capture that you can export or integrate with your existing archive for inclusion in the patient medical record.

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Capture patient consent from text messages through an automated workflow. All patient consent is captured and available as a report in the admin portal

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SMS Redaction

Identify PHI related keywords and information to redact or block completely from being shared in text messages.

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HIPAA Compliant and Secure

Secure communication of PHI between caregivers and patients, with Cloud Data Storage that is HITECH and HIPAA Certified. All communication data is TLS 256-bit AES encrypted at rest and in transit.

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We liked the MultiLine Solution for many reasons but the ability to keep our phone numbers and to record not only voice, but also text communications truly stood out for us. This has helped us to stay HIPAA compliant by being able to monitor employees’ communications for any violations. As the owner of 5280 Home Care, this allows me to correct and educate our employees about HIPAA policies”

Jason Perez, Owner 5280 Home Care and Attendant Services

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