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Seamlessly communicate with your clients on the channels they prefer

  • Support clients with quality communications on preferred channel
  • Serve and retain clients during employee transitions
  • Gather intelligence and context to all client communications

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MultiLine helps businesses drive employee productivity, client engagement, and continuity.

Meet Your Clients Where They Are

Clients can reach your employees wherever they are at the same number; there’s less voice mail tag and a new option for communicating by text—which is increasingly preferred by digital-savvy consumers.

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Bring intelligence to your conversations

With MultiLine’s seamless integrations and CTIs, you can trigger automated workflows and manage all client call and text activity directly inside Salesforce and other leading CRMs.

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Ensure client-continuity

Protect valuable company relationships and ensure business continuity when employees transition. Keep the numbers tied to our business and re-assign through admin portal.

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Product Capabilities

Secure Business Number

Separate app, dialer, contact list, caller ID, voice mail, SMS and call logs, do not disturb and scheduler.

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Stay Connected Coverage

Works on cellular voice, mobile data, and Wi-Fi networks so employees can take care of business on-the-go.

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Business Hours

Set your business hours so calls come in when you’re working and go to your business voicemail after hours.

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Business Texting

Communicate with clients more efficiently with SMS, picture or group messaging.

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Call and Text Capture

Review call and text data to monitor quality, provide sales coaching, and help verify client details.

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CRM Integration

MultiLine automatically captures client conversations and logs it in your Salesforce CRM to keep all conversations connected and visible.

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When an employee brings their mobile device into the workplace, the employee’s number is associated with the business. So, if the employee ever leaves the company, the client no longer has a direct relationship with the business if they are using that particular number. With MultiLine is the employer leaves the company, the number stays with the company for customer continuity.”

Brent Ladarola, VO Mobile & Wireless, Frost & Sullivan

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