Use Case: Healthcare

Scenario: You run a large hospital system and want to ensure that patients and doctors have open lines of communication — but compliance is first and foremost, for obvious reasons. HIPAA regulations require, among many other things, restricted access to electronic protected health information. What if a file gets transmitted on a personal phone? What if an employee leaves the system — and takes sensitive information along with them?
Here’s where Movius comes in.

The fact is, hospital workers are going to use their personal phones for official business, no matter the rules put in place to avoid that scenario. Doctors and nurses are put on the line for decisions that require immediate patient or family input on a regular basis, and the phone they reach for will be the one that’s already in their pocket.With Movius and Multi-Line, hospital systems can offer employees and patients alike the chance to stay in communication while addressing the needs for HIPAA compliance. Multi-Line will work with any carrier on any mobile phone, and will keep personal and hospital business boundaries intact without any effort on the user’s part.

Assigned numbers for different departments or specialties mean that the number stays within the system, keeping patient care organized and eliminating the risk of sensitive information ending up where it shouldn’t.

Call recording is enabled through the management portal for specific individuals and/or specific groups or departments, and all calls and texts are encrypted to the highest standards. Additionally, the Movius Platform is hosted by IBM® Bluemix®, providing a secure cloud platform that you can trust and built on best-in-industry enterprise security standards.

Thanks to Movius, the doctor will speak to you now.