Attracting and Building Remote Client Relationships with Compliant Mobile Messaging

Hybrid work is here.

Revenue teams everywhere are suffering from less effective communication, difficulty managing performance, and increased compliance risk. The urge to text and reassure clients is overwhelming. With a compliant mobile messaging solution, they can, and it shows in their performance.

Download the guide to learn:

✅ How to inspire your remote revenue team

✅ How to empower the team with compliant mobile messaging

✅ Plays you can run

For: Leaders of Wealth Managers, Advisors, Traders, Commercial Bankers, Investment Bankers

Why compliant mobile messaging?

  • The #1 reason affluent clients fire their advisor: lack of communication.
  • 85% of customers prefer receiving text messages. – SlickText
  • Only 10% of advisors text. – InvestmentNews

A compliant mobile messaging solution gives customer-facing agents one phone number from which to call, text, or WhatsApp with clients while remaining compliant. It helps leaders improve their team’s client communications and manage performance. Because everything is recorded and sensitive words are redacted, it’s secure.

What’s needed?

Growing client relationships remotely requires people, process, and technology. The technology is easy—providers like Movius offer complete and compliant mobile messaging. But the people and process? That requires a plan.

Get your copy of the guide to see where your organization ranks on the Mobile Messaging Maturity Curve.

What plays can my team run?

It all depends on the team. Traders can increase their call volume without disrupting their workflow. Investment bankers can work more efficiently on the go. Wealth managers can offer market guidance and reassurance.

In the guide, we share plays for: 

  • Wealth managers
  • Advisors
  • Investment bankers
  • Traders
  • Commercial bankers

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