Secure communication should be simple

Revenue Teams

Care for your client and know it’s all above board—even WhatsApp conversations. MultiLine frees you to send those trade confirmations and research via text.
  • Use a new or existing phone number
  • Accelerate deals
  • Earn trust
  • Grow relationships
  • Trust that it’s compliant

Consistent feedback from staff shows that our employees want work/life separation. This would traditionally drive the need for two devices. MultiLine overcomes this issue with a second number on the personal device.”

Head End User Technology, Tier 1 Global Bank

IT and Mobility

IT teams love that MultiLine is effective and simple. It checks all the compliance boxes, deploys within weeks, and helps users help themselves without asking too much of them.
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to assign, remove, configure
  • Requires few steps for client-facing teams
  • Integrates into your enterprise workflow and CRM
  • Self-serve for compliance, legal, and HR
  • Eliminate costly corporate devices
  • Any device, any carrier
  • Deploy with existing MDM
  • Analytics and reporting

When an employee brings their mobile device into the workplace, the employee’s number is associated with the business. So, if the employee ever leaves the company, the client no longer has a direct relationship with the business if they are using that particular number. With MultiLine if the employer leaves the company, the number stays with the company for customer continuity.”



Know your bases are covered. Set automatic safeguards for PI and offensive language that learn and improve with time. Prove you’re capturing communications and search them quickly to answer questions or investigate claims.
  • Helps to comply with MiFID II, FCA, SOX, GLBA, FINRA, and more
  • As simple as running an online search
  • Automatically analyze conversations
  • Automatically block PI and offensive language
  • Analytics and reporting

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