This year at Mobile World Congress should probably be pretty standard and uneventful in terms of announcements, but hopefully we’ll be surprised. I don’t believe we are going to see any amazing break out products but more of a building on what is already out there. Topics like smartphone size, BYOD security, connecting your home to your phone, wearables including clothing, sub $150 phones and flagship phones that cost under $300.

For starters I get the feeling that Phablets are not a craze but they’re here to stay. I expect to see phones upward of 6 inches and maybe even 7. The tablet phone is not going away for a number of reasons. It gives people the best of both worlds, tablet size with phone functionality. It is more pocketbook friendly to buy one device versus two and it is one less thing to carry with you.

After so many security breaches and Apples debacle with iCloud pictures being stolen, mobile security will be a hot topic. Companies at MWC are going to be showing off their software’s that will secure work content on personal cell phones. Many companies already support BYOD programs but are only now recognizing the need for secure voice calls, voice recording, SMS and so on. Solutions from Movius will take big strides forward because of the need for security but also the ability for employers to only pay for the work usage.

While I am pleased to see multiple players tackling the multiple identities problem, what really excites us is that Movius’ myIdentities still leads the pack in terms of capabilities and a holistic approach to addressing a pressing market need. In addition to offering service providers a new revenue stream by now adding a true 2nd (or 3rd, 4th) line – a gross add-on to the same mobile device (with no additional subsidy) and potentially on another carrier’s device, myIdentities enables enterprises to embrace today’s BYOD trends by offering services to their employees, which clearly separates work data and calls from those that are personal. In doing so, corporate information is accessible on user’s mobile devices, yet kept completely secure. In addition, the user doesn’t need to be concerned about personal information being seen by their employers. What really separates out services from the pack is that Movius provides a higher quality of service that leverages both VoIP (Cellular data 3G/4G/LTE or WiFi, which is becoming pervasive) and cellular TDM, allowing users to move outside of WiFi range/cellular data coverage without concern that their calls will drop off. This is a must for continued productivity and quality of experience.

It’s been a dream for many to be able to connect everything electronic in your house to one single remote control or telephone, which brings me to a timely panel that we are looking forward to this week! Fiercewireless’ Mike Dano is moderating an upcoming panel on the connected home at MWC -- "The Connected Home: A Proving Ground for the Internet of Things", which will be held on Wednesday, March 4th at from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. at the Fira Congress Hotel.

Along these same lines exercise enthusiasts will be buying up shirts that monitor their heart rate and in 2016 it will also measure your blood sugar and oxygen levels. We will be able to send the results of the clothings analysis to our physician and they will be able to tell us if we need antibiotics for the cold you’re going to get at MWC or if we should lay off the ham in Barcelona!

And lastly, as we head into MWC, we couldn’t be more excited to share the news about Movius’ CAFÉ platform exceeding 13 million users and over 25 million users are expected to deploy Movius CAFÉ by end of year! This demonstrates that service providers continue to adopt innovative services like split billing and customized solutions that generate revenue.

At MWC, we will be demonstrating the latest Apple iOS platform for myIdentities and our powerful CAFÉ application delivery platform, that has been deployed both on premises and as an NFV with Tier-1s and offers a broad set of pre-packaged applications and a rich set of APIs for application development. Enterprises can save an average of 40% on their enterprise wireless bill by only paying for work related activities while increasing productivity by allowing the business line to be available while the employee is mobile.

The recent Gartner article Don't Let Mobile Phone Number Ownership Place Your BYOD Program on Hold that we recently included in our newsletter, The Movius Solution, states that “For BYOD, enterprises should pursue a dual-number approach, leveraging two distinct numbers on the device to separate personal from enterprise-related communications.” While the Wall Street Journal article People for Whom One Cellphone Isn't Enough clearly shows privacy as the main driver for paying extra for an having two phones, the question to many -- how do you offer two phone numbers while maintaining privacy? We’ll explain more at MWC so make sure you visit us at Samsung’s Partner Hall 8.1 or our meeting room Hall 5 Stand 5L3MR. And don’t forget to check out our latest video that demonstrates Movius myIDs Secure as an app for the Samsung KNOX Workspace! We very excited to be welcomed as a Silver Partner into Samsung’s Enterprise Alliance Program.

Have a great week at MWC! We look forward to sharing our perspective on MWC in the coming week!

Jose Romero VP of UX Strategy & Engineering