As we move forward into 2015, mobile device usage and the new technologies that are advancing the mobile sector continue to proliferate throughout our lives. In 2015, we expect that mobile phone and tablet usage will surpass that of any other device in the marketplace.

Industry analysts at IDC predict that the worldwide smart connected device market will accelerate past 2B units by the end of 2015, attaining a market value of $735.1B. Now more than ever smartphones and tablets are displacing older communications technology tools. Mobile devices are enabling greater communications, impacting our learning ability and (while some may disagree), making our lives simpler. From how we book travel plans and purchase items in a store, to how medical professional share healthcare records and real estate professionals list properties, there is no stopping the advances that mobile devices will bring in the years to come.

However, with the growth of mobile device usage comes new concerns that need to be addressed. Some of these include: implementing a BYOD policy that addresses both the needs of the organization as well as the privacy concerns of the employee; offering devices and solutions that are network (mobile, wifi) agnostic; enabling small and medium businesses with cloud bases communications solutions; the emergence of wearable devices and how they will coincide with existing devices and be properly managed by communications service providers; as well as how the Internet of Things (IoT) will advance the communications between our mobile devices and the appliances in our homes and workplaces.

At the heart of all this activity will be you and I, the user, surrounded by devices and on a quest to simplify things for self and needing to be able to manifest our own self (identity) in any context, on any device and within any network.

While enterprises struggle with how to implement proper BYOD policies and more employees striving for an improved work-life balance, the push for businesses to increase the security of their enterprise data, while also allowing mobile-friendly experiences for their employees grows stronger. At the root of this change lies the need for service providers to provide solutions that separate the business and personal data and voice communications usage on a single device. Movius’ myIdentities and CAFÉ platform solutions simplify data and phone line communications by providing mobile users with two (or more) separate identities on their preferred device, enabling them to keep their personal information private, while ensuring that the security of company data is not jeopardized. As an added bonus, myIdentities uniquely separates the billing invoices as well, sending the organization the employees’ business expenses on the mobile device, while sending the personal expenses to the user.

To keep ahead of the competition and position oneself as an industry driver instead of an industry follower, Movius keeps a sharp eye on the trends in the marketplace and, as a result, is able to pivot its business strategies to offer solutions that are one step ahead of these trends.

With this new blog, we hope to share our perspectives on some of the most interesting things that we have learned in the marketplace and to offer in-depth analysis on these trends and opportunities as longtime industry experts in the mobile arena. You will also see occasional guest posts from our customers and partners, who will provide their own industry expertise and viewpoints on today’s cutting edge mobile trends. In addition, we will leverage this blog to offer you additional insight on Movius’ own news and corporate strategies, as well as research analysis that we have obtained through key industry analysts, and through surveys we’ve conducted online and at industry conferences.

We welcome you to our blog and encourage you to bookmark it and read it regularly. I also strongly encourage you to provide commentary to our posts, as we’d love to hear your perspectives on the variety of subject matter we plan to post about the latest trends in this very hot and rapidly expanding mobile market. Thanks for joining us!

Dominic Gomez President & CEO