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Using IBM Cloud, Movius enables MultiLine mobile phone service

“Mobile first” is a business strategy in which smartphones, tablets and task-specific apps are employees’ primary tools for getting work done, according to TechTarget. However, many company leaders aren’t confident about bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies as part of their enterprise mobility program due to security threats, as Solutions Review states. Alternatives that give organizations more control [...]


Use Case: Healthcare

Scenario: You run a large hospital system and want to ensure that patients and doctors have open lines of communication -- but compliance is first and foremost, for obvious reasons. HIPAA regulations require, among many other things, restricted access to electronic protected health information. What if a file gets transmitted on a personal phone? What [...]


Making Business Communications Personal with MultiLine

Today’s mobile tech allows businesses to support a distinct, company-owned second number on a single device, making it easier for employers to manage their corporate mobility strategy and enforce policies that ensure compliance. With personal devices proliferating in the workplace, companies are challenged to address the issue of employees bringing their personal identities with them [...]


Movius Use Case: Real Estate

Scenario: Real estate agents used to spend their days in offices, looking for listings and speaking to clients. Today, they spend their time performing those tasks on their personal devices. It’s a great way to communicate effectively, increase productivity and speed deals along. In a high-churn environment, though, what happens when an agent leaves and [...]


Movius Use Case: Legal

Scenario: Clients use the devices that are already in their hands to send sensitive information to you via text, and there is nothing you can do to stop them. What if you turned that fact into an opportunity to serve your clients? Wise counsel on BYOD from The American Bar Association: “...most companies do not [...]


Movius Use Case: Insurance

Scenario: Empowered clients are going to communicate with agents in the manner most convenient to them -- even if that method creates compliance or security issues -- so the real issue is, how will agencies manage mobile calls and texting? Forward-thinking companies are using the power of mobility to create positive client-agent experiences. How can [...]