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Movius Multi-Line Solution

Movius makes it simple to manage your mobile business communications on a single device no matter what end-point strategy you have: BYOD, COPE, EMM/MDM, or a hybrid.

Business Managed Number Delivered in One Powerful Mobile App

Employees can now have a designated business number on their existing device to place and receive business calls and texts, while keeping their primary number for personal use. This is achieved without the need for an additional SIM and/or phone, or any change to the employee’s existing mobile network.

Full-Featured Work Phone

Separate dialer, contact list, caller ID, voice mail, SMS and call logs, do not disturb and scheduler.

Carrier Agnostic

Works across carriers on the devices employees use now. No need to switch phones, plans or service provider to get started.

Stay-Connected Coverage

Works on cellular voice, mobile data and Wi-Fi networks so employees can take care of business wherever they are.

Mobile Recording

Enables call recording and text logging at an individual or group level to satisfy compliance obligations.


Supports local numbers from other countries for employees who travel internationally.


Allows multiple domestic and / or international numbers to be used at the same time.

Easy to Use

Simple, intuitive interface for a positive employee experience that doesn’t require special training.


Works seamlessly with leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions to protect company information.

Mobile Recording & Compliance

Single solution for recording, encrypting, storing and retrieving business conversations through the corporate-managed number.


Movius can meet your compliance obligations and keep up with the evolving regulations with the ability to compliantly record, meter, and manage usage and activity on the business line to protect corporate assets, adhere to standards, mitigate risk and reduce liability exposure.

Movius provides a new approach with built-in mobile recording requiring no change of SIM or any additional user action, enabling you to achieve compliance with:

  • Dodd Frank
  • FCA COBS 11.8
  • MiFID II
  • Data Protection Act (DPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

already built in

No change of SIM or additional user action required, creating simplicity for the admin and an invisible experience for the user.

Protect employee

Employees can confidently communicate with colleagues, partners and customers knowing that their personal number and activity remain private and untouched by the employer.

encryption & control

Enable recording through management portal for specific individuals and/or specific groups or divisions of your organizations. Encrypt all calls and texts to the highest standards.

Simple Administration

Have your global workforce up and running in minutes.

Enterprises can centrally manage all company phone numbers and settings through a simple-to-use web portal that also delivers real-time insights into mobile usage.

Number Provisioning

Provides complete control over company numbers so they can be assigned and reclaimed in seconds.

Mobile Analytics

Granular metering of employee’s voice, text, and data usage of business only activity to simplify and optimize the employee mobile reimbursement process.

Policy Management

Leveraging our secure cloud, admins have all the tools they need to manage, assign, or reclaim phone numbers and configure policy controls through a centralized portal.

Value to Employees


Employees keep the phone they love and the service plan that works best for them.


No more dual-device hassles. Employees carry one phone for work and personal use.


Employees can work more flexibly and effectively at any time and place.


Personal mobile use and data are completely separate and invisible to the business.

Powered by The Movius Platform

Secure, global, cloud-based infrastructure on which our mobile communication services run. The platform supports more than 50 million mobile users worldwide and is the platform of choice for some of the world’s largest carriers.

Long Term Flexibility

Satisfies a wide range of mobility needs and strategies so companies can embrace mobility on their own terms and timeframe—all with one unified solution.


A modern solution built specifically for the mobile workplace; it’s not a fixed / desktop product repackaged as a mobile offering.


Robust and highly scalable, the underlying cloud platform provides carrier-quality service to more than 50 million people worldwide.

Simple Rollout

No installations or lengthy configurations. It’s an app, a portal and some company numbers which are easy to assign, manage and add over time.