Integrated with leading Container and EMM vendors including AirWatch®, MobileIron® and Samsung KNOX™, Movius WorkPhone helps enterprises solve wireless telecommunications cost allocation issues by bringing together an employee’s work and mobile numbers securely onto one device while monitoring all work-related consumption (voice, text and data).

Movius WorkPhone is a SaaS business mobility solution that addresses all these issues by extending enterprise telecom services to the mobile device and by providing real-time information for work-related voice, messaging and data consumption.

Enterprise Features

Compliance and Cost Control

Simplify auditing, employee reimbursements, meet compliance requirements and optimize your telecommunications expenses with a simple to use self service portal that give you real-time visibility into your enterprise wireless telecom service.

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Your WorkPhone on Any Carrier

Have your cake and eat it too! Give your employees their choice of mobile carrier and device of choice while you get to split the wireless bill and only pay for work-relate consumption.

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Clear, Uninterrupted Communications

Finally! Use your business phone number to make voice calls that work while you drive or while traveling abroad.

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Expense Reduction

Tired of paying U.S. $1,000-$4,000 wireless roaming bills? We can automate your wireless rate plan changes for international travelers.

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PBX Integration

Movius fully integrates with enterprise phone systems such as Polycom, providing employees with complete, untethered access to other contacts, emails, and company documentation – whether located in the company’s headquarters or in the field.

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A robust cloud service that is available anywhere, anytime, when you need it the most.

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EMM Integrations

Do you already have an EMM vendor you rather work with? We make the integration process quick and easy.

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Professional Services

If you need something unique for your organization, our team can help.

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Training & Compliance

Learn more about our training services and how we comply with government standards.

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Eric Klein VDC Research

Interesting briefing with Movius on split billing, VoIP and OTT at MWC15. Their approach has serious disruptive potential.

Calculate the ROI of Split Billing

Split billing can greatly transform your business by optimizing your Telecom Expense Management process with real-time accurate and transparent visibility on per-employee work-related voice, messaging and data consumption.

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