Finally! Use your business phone number to make voice calls that work while you drive or while traveling abroad.

Professionals want to have the best communications experience, no matter where they are. Movius WorkPhone extends your work phone number to your wireless devices and lets users make calls over both traditional wireless voice networks (TDM) as well as over Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which includes cellular data 3G/4G/LTE and Wi-Fi. By offering this flexibility of services, Movius ensures consistently clear communications on any carrier, around the block or around the globe.

Additionally, as soon as a user steps away from their Wi-Fi connection, the phone service instantly and seamlessly switches over to cellular data or can fall back to cellular TDM (when Wi-Fi or cellular data is not available), allowing the same quality of service to continue for the user. This can mean the difference between having your sales rep close an important deal and having the call drop off during travel

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