New Movius App Supports Multiple Lines on One Device; New Analytics Platform Provides Granular Insights into Voice, Text and Data Usage 2017-06-08T16:31:19+00:00

Project Description

There’s no stopping it: people are using their personal devices for work. In fact, nearly 70% of American workers say they use their own mobile phones for business. Bring your own device (BYOD) can lead to increased productivity and lower costs for any enterprise. But in order to implement a successful BYOD program, IT managers need faster, easier provisioning and actionable insights into employees’ communication and data usage.

Today, we’re excited to announce the brand-new Movius app for iOS and Android, with multi-line device support, a new and improved Movius Management Portal, and more detailed analytics for enterprise users — even if they don’t work with an EMM.

Movius now supports two business lines on one device (in addition to the native line), so businesses can provision and own multiple company-issued numbers on an employee’s personal device. Each phone line is completely independent — with separate contacts, call and message logs, call recording, and visual voicemail — and lines can work simultaneously. Users can add, delete and import contacts anytime. Most importantly, each line operates with the same high call quality and availability, whether they are domestic, international, or a combination of both. So, if your sales reps travel to London or Hong Kong, they can add an international number for that market, making it much easier for local customers to contact them on a local number. They can also add local contacts while on the go.

The new app works with any carrier, which makes it flexible and easy to deploy quickly — no matter what carrier or plan your employees already use on their devices. And, it makes use of all communication channels – starting with cellular voice, with backup to wifi and mobile data. What that means for you and your employees is a worry-free service that is always on and always connected. For example, a call that starts in the office on the company wifi will continue outside of the building using your carrier mobile data — with no call interruption or degradation of service.

We’re also rolling out a new and improved Movius Management Portal, which makes life easier for IT managers by giving them more control over mobile usage and costs. We’ve incorporated beautiful, more granular insights and dashboards that shows near-real time voice, messaging and data consumption associated with work. User metrics can be extracted to identify specific patterns of use — by individual, by department, or by business unit. With this level of data and analytics, managers can allocate plans with higher usage to those who need it, and save money by ensuring users stay with in plain ranges.

The Movius Management Portal integrates easily with enterprise mobility management (EMM) platforms including Airwatch, Good Dynamics, and MobileIron. When employees need to access business apps (and consequently, work-related mobile data) on the go, their iOS and Android devices can easily and automatically meter that access. And starting today, Movius is offering Advanced Analytics that enables metering of work data for third party business apps, even if the company doesn’t work with an EMM. (Currently available for Android, iOS coming soon) Now through the Management Portal, employers can monitor and analyze data usage for third party business apps in addition to voice and messaging — making it easier to reimburse an employee based on fixed usage rates, or to integrate with a telecom carrier to send usage reports directly.

Companies spend millions of dollars on telephony costs — on devices, networking costs, system upgrades, dealing with multiple carriers, roaming charges, and much more. Today’s announcement is just one more step we’re taking to give them control over the numbers. Find out more about the new Movius app, or download the app today on iOS and Android.